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That need to not be tough to discover most floor epoxies are proficient at staying with concrete. This is very crucial given that a great deal of individuals like to tinker in their garages. So a floor epoxy with an excellent impact rating will not chip or fracture when tools or parts are dropped onto the floor.

There are other ratings you might see when purchasing flooring coatings but theyre mostly worthless marketing hype at finest and what we call fiction. Ratings such as compressive strength and tensile strength are worthless to all but the most complicated/specialized applications. Certainly not relevant for 99.9% of epoxy floor covering applications.

Unless you are rolling an M1 Abrams Tank onto your floor the compressive strength ranking is meaningless. We do a lot of work with our Military forces which enters into play in some cases but for 99% of the other floors on the planet you are just not going to put a load onto your flooring that is going to squash your piece! The same goes for the tensile strength, youre simply not going to be able to put anything on the floor that will come anywhere close to the snapping point to all however the most inexpensive flooring epoxy paints.

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Bad epoxy is bad epoxy no matter how much of it you get! Adhere to the expense per square foot and for how long your epoxy will last and by last we mean how long will it remain looking new, not simply remain stuck to your flooring. Don’t get distracted by worthless numbers or guarantees regarding peeling.

Life time guarantees don’t guarantee versus wear or dulling. Abrasion endure an inferior epoxy will dull it in no time. Which implies you now have a flooring that looks dirty, old, yellowed and worn that is guaranteed to be stayed with your floor for life! Isn’t that excellent, you either have to live with what you wind up with or spend more than double to redo your floor.

You use a topcoat with an abrasion score appropriate for the traffic on your flooring. Avoid water based epoxies and coatings that do not publish scores for abrasion, adhesion and impact resistance. Not knowing these rankings is really rolling the dice. Armor Chip Garage Epoxy System is hot tire proof as are all our epoxy finish systems.

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8lbs of color flakes that you relay into the epoxy while damp. Then the next day you use 2 layers of our heavy responsibility urethane topcoat that has an 20mg abrasion loss rating. If you are in a climate where there’s great deals of roadway salts or you use jack stands, floor jacks, big rolling tools or have off road type vehicles.

It’s chemically hardened to provide you the highest level of security and you just require to do one coat. Likewise included is the notched squeegee, rollers, mixer, engrave service and nonslip additive. Armor Granite Garage Epoxy System is our top of the line garage set. It includes extra thick 100% military grade epoxy, 20lbs of color flakes and 4 layers of our 20mg abrasion loss rated topcoat.

In addition to all the accessories in the Armor Chip set you also get the spike soles to walk in the damp epoxy as you are using the color flakes. ArmorGarage II Commercial Epoxy System is a strong color 2 layer epoxy floor covering system that does not utilize color flakes.

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Just a quick note on color flakes if you do any sort of deal with your flooring that includes little parts you absolutely do not desire to utilize color flakes on your floor. Discovering among those little parts is next to impossible once you drop them on a flake floor.

Beautiful finish and extremely difficult with an 8mg abrasion loss rating. In reality if you just applied the guide part of this system you would have a floor finishing that is much better than 99% of our competitors’s so called strong epoxies. Likewise included are all devices for application. Ultra Military System is a three layer system including high performance guide, pure high construct military grade epoxy and after that a 4 mg abrasion loss ranked overcoat.

This can manage any kind of traffic for practically any type of application. When you can’t pay for or do not wish to take any possibilities with your flooring this is the go to item. You can add color flakes to this system if desired since it has the high build epoxy layer that would hold the flakes.