Save Time and Money With Paintball Guns For Beginners

Key Information About Paintball Guns For Beginners

Some are searching for a low expense method into the video game while others care more about the finer details, such as break beam eyes and tool-less disassembly. Some want mechanical markers, some want electronic, and some desire a traditional pump. Regardless, we’re here to help you find the best paintball gun for you.

Tips For Choosing the Right Best Beginner Paintball GunsSteps to Finding the Perfect Paintball Guns For Beginners


For those people with the bug, it’s much, much more. Let’s have a look at the best paintball gun of 2021. Bottom line in advance. there is no such thing as the finest paintball marker. Everyone has various requirements and more importantly, significantly different budget plans. That stated, all of us share one thing in common.

In this article we break down the very best paintball marker under $100, under $300, under $500, and obviously, what our screening and experience have actually revealed us to be the finest paintball marker cash can purchase. Why you should trust us? At PRO Paintball, we have over twenty years of experience playing the video game.

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Misconceptions About Best Beginner Paintball Guns

We run our equipment difficult and frequently shoot over 50,000 balls per weekend in practice (that is 25 cases of paint for those of you counting). This helps us rapidly determine what works and what does not. In this specific post, we are taking a difficult take a look at the most popular paintball guns on the market and see how they accumulate.

Based on the tested style of the Empire (then Invert) Mini, Empire revamped the gun from the ground up with neighborhood asked for features. What shocked the industry was when pro paintball groups Sacramento XSV and Chicago Infamous announced they would be shooting the Axe paintball markers on the pro field.

Normally professional teams shot special super high end (in lot of times, really custom) guns in order to have an edge over their competitors. Whatever it takes to win, right? Business used their pro groups to assist market paintball guns that started at over $1,000. However in this case, Empire was sending their professional teams to work with what turned out to be a high quality, mid-range rate point paintball marker.

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0 paintball gun. Whatever you might imagine came with the weapon, out of package, and at a sub $500 rate point. At time of writing they are retailing for about $430. Trevor field testing the Empire SYX. The SYX is another version of the AXE, but at a higher cost point.

The front grip has a brand-new slim style that is both waterproof and textured to insure you have control in the most difficult conditions. Between the brand-new milling and slimmer front grip design they had the ability to eliminate something around 10% of the weight from the weapon. A couple of huge pluses that make this gun standout are cost point, a tool-less push button bolt elimination, single Allen-key size for any weapon maintenance.

right? Feel confident, the Empire Axe includes numerous firing modes out of package including Semi Automobile, Multi-shot burst, Ramp mode and adjustable rate of fire. The boards themselves are programmable and include a competition lock need to you find yourself contending in any of the local or nationwide event series that need it.

Save Time and Money With Paintball Guns For Beginners

Throughout our field testing on NXL mode we were able to achieve simply over 7 and a half pods of paint (just over 1,000 paintball shots per tank) on a 68/4500. If you are believing that you will shoot more than that during your video game, we advise combining this paintball marker with an 80ci/ 4500psi air system.