How to Get Rid of Mice

When homeowners are trying to figure out how to get rid of mice, they will encounter a lot of different opinions and strategies online. All of these strategies have various pros and cons. However, the most important thing to keep in mind when attempting to get rid of mice is that it is essential to be diligent. If a homeowner does not catch a mouse for a day or two, it does not imply that the mice have left the premises. It merely means that the homeowner needs to mix up their strategies.

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As soon as a homeowner spots a mouse or evidence of a mouse, they should start their elimination plan. They should immediately head to the store and buy some traps. They can choose between snap traps, sticky traps, poison, and even noise makers that promise to repel mice. All of these items can be purchased at most hardware stores or grocery stores.

Snap traps are arguably the most effective traps on the market. They are easy to set, and they kill the mice quickly. However, the trouble with snap traps is that after a few uses, they tend to lose their ability to trigger on a hair. This means that the mouse may be able to steal bait from them without triggering the snap. To avoid this eventuality, the homeowner may wish to tie the bait to the snap trap. Typically, bait like corn or peanut butter is more effective than cheese.

Sticky traps can be effective, but strong mice are sometimes able to unstick themselves from these traps. Poison works well to kill mice, but after eating poison, mice tend to die in the walls, and their rotting bodies may emit an unpleasant odor. Ideally, poison should only be placed in spots where it will not be discovered and eaten by small children or small pets. Noise makers or sonar repellents have fairly good reviews online. These small machines plug into the wall and emit a noise that is only heard by the mice. Once they hear it, they run away.

In order to get rid of mice, homeowners should use as many different types of traps as possible. These traps should be set near the walls where the mice tend to run in the middle of the night. If the traps do not yield any mice after a day or two, they should be moved to new locations.In order to maximize the efficiency of their traps, homeowners should strive to make the rest of the environment as inhospitable to the mice as possible. To do this, they should clean their home well to ensure that the only place the mice can find food is in the traps. By following these tips, homeowners should be able to successfully get rid of mice.