Family Portraits – 50th Anniversary Gift Idea

A family portrait is a great way to commemorate a special occasion such as an anniversary. Because of the enormity of pulling together a project such as a family portrait, family portraits are generally done at times when the whole family is going through an event together, such as for a wedding or anniversary. Here is some more information to help you plan and execute your family portrait:

What Kind of Portrait

A family photography portrait is a unique anniversary gift in and of itself. However you may want to look into having that family portrait transformed into an oil painting on canvas. While portraits are some of the most personalized anniversary gifts you can give, an oil painting adds the elements of tradition and classical design to the family portrait.

Many artists will take a photo and use oil paints to freehand an original oil paintings version. Some may also take the photo and transfer it onto the canvas before paining. Be careful of an artist who must do this, however, as you want to find one with the trained eye and skill necessary to capture the expressions and personalities of each person in the portrait.

When to Have it Done

Choose to have your portrait done or presented at a special time for your family – a time when all of your family will be together in celebration. A 50th wedding anniversary is a milestone that not many couples reach and is a great time to honor the couple with a representation of all their handwork, love and effort over the years as they poured their lives into the family. A personalized anniversary gift is infused with a deeper level of meaning when it includes and efforts of every family member. It is a great idea for a 50th anniversary gift that each family member can take an equal part in and be equally as proud of.

It takes a lot to pull a family together for a family portrait, especially if you come from a large family, however, keep in mind that the hassle of organizing and pulling it all together will be well worth the effort when the finish product is presented to the people whose 50th wedding anniversary you are celebrating.

What if Not All Family Members Can Get Together

A family photograph captures a moment in time that will invoke precious memories of the entire family coming together at one time and in one place, which is a rarity in today’s busy world. A personalized anniversary gift, such as a family portrait can be done in more than one way. However, if not all family members can be together for the portrait, it is fine to send in several photos of your family members to your portrait artist.

Keep in mind that a family portrait will most likely be a serious investment for any family. However, for a 50th wedding anniversary gift, it may be worth the cost to recognize the couple who has not only made it so far in their marriage, but also to appreciate all they’ve done for their family. The family portrait will last for generations to come, creating a keepsake and a legacy for your family.