Emergency Food – What Do You Need to Survive?

When disaster strikes, you only have so many options that you can choose from. However, you can’t predict Mother Nature nine times out of ten-she does what she wants, when she wants. Needless to say, being prepared is the only way to stay safe in case of an emergency. Emergency food is one of the most important ways to get prepared-it’s better to have too much than to have too little. However, not everyone knows what should go into an emergency kit like survivalisme

First of all, you need to have water. It’s preferable that if you have water that you try and buy a new supply every few months and drink what you have; the reason is that sitting water can eventually go stagnant and no one needs to drink that. Plain and simple. Try and stick to just water as your emergency beverage. You may not get the hydration that you need if anything else is used.

Next, don’t bring canned food. Canned food causes way too much clutter in a quick, emergency food bag. Try and stick to dried foods instead-they’re likely to last longer. Stay away from meats (with the exception of jerky), naturally, and try and make sure that you have at least a jar of peanut butter for protein purposes. However, a few cans won’t hurt. Make sure that they’re essential foods that you know you and your family will eat. Make sure that they don’t expire for quite a while and when something is nearing its expiration date, eat it and then replace it. With a mix of canned and dried foods, you get the best of both worlds-not to mention that if you get tired of drinking water or if your water runs out, you’ll still have what’s in the cans left until you can get further supplies or until help arrives.

Try and keep your emergency food in its own container. It doesn’t have to be there constantly-but if you know or suspect that you’re going to have to evacuate, try and do your best to put everything in its own separate bag where you can easily transport it along with you and your family. If there is anything else that you might need, have it either ready to go or put it in it’s own separate compartment in said bag.

Finally, try and make sure that you have your emergency food ready to go all year round. You never know what’s going to happen-you might need it in the middle of summer or you might need it in the middle of winter. Since you can’t be sure, there’s no reason to not be prepared as much as humanly possible. Take your time to look online and find out what they have to offer you as far as emergency food supplies go. You might have quite a few different options to choose from, but make sure they’re things that you’re sure that you’ll need and are quick to open and eat.