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Shower Heads – How To Pick The Shower Head That Is Right For You

Today, the bathroom is an integral part of everyone’s house or apartment. A relaxing shower or bath at the right moment can make the difference between a terrible and an amazing day. Considering this generally accepted fact it is only logical that money that is being invested in refurbishing your home is likely to be invested best in your bathroom. Small changes, such as changing your faucet, your shower doors or your shower head and hoses are cheap and can often be made without calling a plumber or any other tradesman. Where else in your home is it possible to increase you well-being that much with such little effort?

In this article I am going to explain to you how to pick the right shower head.


Before you even start thinking about the shower head you are willing to buy, you should think about the price. It is just so easy to get sucked into buying one that is more than twice or three times as expensive as you initially planned on. Get an idea of the price you are willing to pay before you start shopping.

Water Consumption

Water consumption is a big issue when it comes to shower heads and there are multiple reasons for this. High water consumption will obviously drive up your water bill, but also your electricity bill, because electricity is generally used to heat the water. Depending on how often you shower, how you shower, which kind of head you use and the amount of persons in your household, you might be able to save more than $100 a month simply by using a more economical one – without losing any comfort!

Besides that, you should not forget the positive effects on the environment.


Design is a very personal choice. There are all kinds of shapes and colors easily available in your local building supplies store. You should however keep in mind that shiny things are harder to clean and need to be cleaned more often. It is also important that its design fits into your bathroom. If it does not, it can ruin the whole atmosphere.


Now it comes down to the shower head’s interior. Do you prefer to have a massage while having your shower, or do you prefer feeling like you are standing under a waterfall? Some people also favor simple ones without much flexibility, but with very economic water consumption. There are hardly any limits to this. Maybe you should do some research before you enter a store, because otherwise you might be overwhelmed by the variety.


The last but not least issue is workmanship. Once you have held a properly produced shower head in your hands you will realize what I am talking about. They are usually heavier and a lot more robust. Decent shower heads often also come with a longer and much more sturdy hose. The mechanism to adjust the water jet coming out of your shower head is also a lot more hard-wearing. Generally it is safe to say that quality pays for itself (cheap shower heads and hoses wear out really quickly), but if you’re on a budget or if your taste is short-lived, this is where you can save the most money.

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How Durable Are Laminate Cabinet Doors?

Even though laminate cabinet doors are almost the cheapest selection for your cupboards, they are far from being the lowest in quality. Where to buy Formica laminate sheets. When speaking from a standpoint of durability, I think high-pressure plastic laminate doors are the most durable of all.

Now I’ve been in the kitchen cabinet manufacturing business for many years and have owned several companies related to the industry. I’ve seen my share of old Formica cupboards that were in excellent shape. I have also seen some that were not in such good condition. Just like anything else, when something is maintained correctly, it’s possible “that” something will last a lifetime.

Laminate doors will last thirty to fifty years. The only thing that is required of the owners is to keep them wiped down regularly. Formica doors are easily cleaned with Windex, Formula 409 or just a damp cloth.

If you are considering having Formica in your kitchen or bathroom, may I suggest that you select white or off white for the color? Through the years these two colors have long withstood the ever-changing kitchen cupboard trends. Many different shades and patterns of laminate get discontinued every year, but white remains on the color chip chains of all the suppliers.

Now it is important that you DO NOT confuse Formica laminate doors with Thermofoil doors. Raised panel Thermofoil doors WILL NOT last as long as the hard-shell, high-pressure plastic laminate doors.

The two things that have a negative effect on Formica plastic laminate doors are how they are fabricated and cared for. If the manufacturer did not use enough glue on the doors, then you will experience problems. In my expert opinion, this only occurs once in ten thousand kitchens.

It’s important to understand the difference between a Melamine door and a plastic laminate door. Melamine is actually applied to the core board by the people who make the board. Formica laminate is applied by the people building your kitchen. Melamine is NOT as durable as laminate; it is thinner and not available in as many colors as Formica.

Here are a few cabinet door styles listed from cheapest to the most expensive:

Plastic Laminate Doors
Real Wood
Here’s a list of cupboard door styles from the lowest quality to the highest:

Real Wood
The way laminate doors are made is the sheet of plastic is purchased separately from the board. The board gets cut to the correct size for cabinet doors and then the plastic is cut a little oversize. The laminate edges of the door are glued on first. Next, the front and backsides of the doors are covered with Formica. Contact glue is used as the adhesive and routers are what the laminate is trimmed flush with the door’s edges. Cabinet makers use a file to smooth off the sharp edges. Any access contact adhesive is cleaned off with lacquer thinner.

Kitchen cabinet doors are laminated with “vertical” grade or VT plastic. This is the thinner of the two choices. Countertops are made out of the thicker plastic that is called “standard” thickness. VT is generally one thirty seconds of an inch thick and standard is one-sixteenth of an inch thick.

If you are considering getting Formica plastic laminate doors for your kitchen or bathroom, ask your cabinet maker if they can be three-quarters of an inch thick. Five-eighths thick laminate doors are durable and hold up well, but the thicker option will be more durable in the long run.