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When It Comes To Termite Control And Orange County Residents There Are Many Options Available Today

Is your home suffering from a termite infestation? If so, you are probably desperate to find a way to get rid of these pests before they destroy your home and cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of damage.

When it comes to termite control and Orange County residents, there are many different options you can explore for getting rid of these pests before extensive home damage occurs.

In terms of pest extermination in Los Angeles County or Orange County, there are two basic methods you can utilize: baiting systems and soil barriers.

While both methods are effective, baiting systems require continual monitoring and may take several weeks to become effective. For that reason, many of the companies that provide the best pest control inspections in Los Angeles County and Orange County utilize the soil barrier method instead.

There are several different soil barrier methods that can be utilized. These include…

* Sub-Slab Method
* Trenching
* Rodding
* Combination Approach
* Foam

For the sub-slab method of pest extermination in Los Angeles, you first need to drill holes into a concrete slab and then inject the termite pesticide through a tube and into the soil. This method is usually applied inside of a structure or along both sides of the walls that provide interior support.

With trenching, a six to eight inch wide trench is dug ten inches deep into the soil along the outside foundation. In order for this process of pest extermination in Los Angeles to be truly effective, all of the soil must be removed from against the foundation.

With rodding, a long rod is used to penetrate the soil at 12 inch intervals. Rodding provides a continuous barrier of protection, but it does leave gaps within the treatment area. Therefore, it is usually better to use a combination approach that may include implementing the sub-slab method along with trenching and rodding.

One of the newest options available for termite control and Orange County infestations is to use foam. Although this method is not effective for treating soil, it is highly effective for areas that are typically difficult to treat, such as chimney bases.

In addition to these methods, there are also several alternative methods that can be used for pest extermination in Los Angeles County.

Fumigants, for example, can be effective at getting rid of termites. This option is not effective, however, at keeping the termites from coming back. Therefore, in order to enjoy long-term pest extermination in Los Angeles County when using fumigants, it is best to utilize one or more of the soil barrier or baiting systems also available.

Depending upon your location, structure and infestation problem, there are several options available for effective pest extermination in Arizona. For information on pest control in Phoenix click here.